10 Party Games You Can Play On Your Browsers

Words by Jem Sagcal

Gather a few friends to play 10 free games available on your browser

Year two of quarantine, and when we thought we were running out of games to play, the Internet has delivered. This month as we go back to our roots, we’ve discovered that there have been many old-school tabletop and party games that have found their way to a digital adaptation.

The games listed below are some that we’ve previously enjoyed in the past when we were young and physically able to toss some dice and share some snacks. These are filled with nostalgia with a tinge of a modern touch, as these are games you can play online for free with friends located from all over the world. Quarantine, after all, shouldn’t stop us from having fun together.

The online counterpart of Pictionary. Skribbl gives you words to draw on the canvas for everyone else to guess in the chatbox provided in-game. You can create a room of your own, share the code with others, and simply begin playing.

Before Among Us, there was Werewolf. The social deduction card game is made available, so you and your friends can begin testing your friendships through deceit and manipulation. Random roles are assigned to the players, including the Werewolf, to figure each other out to save themselves.

Pictionary with a twist. Gartic Phone takes drawing games to a different level by creating random storytelling and memory-testing through player-given prompts and art. The loud time puts pressure on the players, which creates interesting endings to the game.

The iconic guessing game makes its way online for free. Codenames has the visual quality likened to the actual board game. Be clever in your word selections to gain the upper hand against your opponents.

Tears, fears, and cheers. The card game and its expansion packs are all available online if your goal for the day is to dig deep into your feelings with your friends and/or family. The website allows you to put in as many players as you need, choose which pack you prefer, and freely change the difficulty level.

Thinking made extra difficult as the timer loudly counts down for your answer. Scattergories is a fast-paced word game that gives random categories and prompts, where players must type as many as they can that’s related to that category.

Another social deduction game that involves clever and strategic lines of questioning. The classic board game is made free online, as all that’s needed to do is get on a voice or video call and start playing.

Google Maps, but make it a game. Though GeoGuessr can be played as an individual, it’s more enjoyable to be with a group of friends. You traverse around a random location in street view, looking for signs and clues to know which country you have been whisked away to. It’s another way to virtually go on a travel adventure with your group.

The hilarious, political-parody board game, Secret Hitler may not be the same without the cards and the pieces, but having it available online makes for a well-spent game night with friends. Strategize and work together to find the Hitler amongst your group and prevent a fascist government from arising.

Play almost any card game you can think of, from Poker to Go Fish. The selection offers multiple old-school, classic board games and different types of card games that are enjoyed with friends and family, along with a few snacks and drinks.