10 Scary Movies for Duwags: Facing life’s true Horrors

Words by Kitkat Torres

Scaredy cats can have some Halloween fun too!

It’s that season once again, fellow duwags. That time when the once harmless TV commercials and seemingly innocent cartoons are no longer safe from mumu sightings, and you’re deciding whether to keep watching or risk the eerie silence of your room — alone

But all the while your mind is racing, because despite the dreaded onslaught of Halloween frights this October, there is an even bigger, crazier fear: the Fear of Missing Out. Yes, FOMO is real, and who can blame you when all your friends are on your weekly Zoom, giggling and scaring themselves silly about the latest horror series that reminds them of the ghost in the bathroom. What? There’s a ghost in the bathroom??? And all you can think about is Fight or Flee?

So before you cover your eyes and count the days until Halloween is done (plus November 1 and 2 for good measure), we’ve put together a list of ten duwag-approved Filipino movies that you can watch online, so you can join in on the fun and taunt yourself with some shockingly, true horrors. Because let’s face it, there are scarier things in life!

1. The fear of Rejection
“One More Chance”

Starring: Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz
Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina
Production Company: ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc.

What could be more daunting than a picture perfect world shattered by an outright refusal? Come and relive the heart-pounding story of Popoy and Basha as they trudge through the horrifying realities and consequences behind being *gasp* honest with yourself.

Watch it on: iFlix and Amazon

BONUS: “A Second Chance”

2. The Fear of the Unknown
“Hintayin ng langit”

Starring: Gina Pareño and Eddie Garcia
Dan Villegas
Production Company:
Globe Studios, Project 8 Corner San Joaquin Projects

Is it time? Is it today? What’s next? Your head swims. Your heart beats faster. You’re faced with one nail-biting reality — you need answers! Dare to solve these mysteries with Lisang as she waits with bated breath for what’s coming after being kept… in The Middle.

Watch it on: Netflix

3. The Fear of Disappointment
“Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap”

Starring: Pepe Herrera, Jerald Napoles, Jelson Bay, and Paolo Contis
Director: Marius Talampas
Production Company: Mavx Production

You tremble at thought, you’re screaming inside because you know the deep, dark truth — you don’t want to be the kulelat of the group! Kapit lang, you’ve got Eman and his gang, and they’ve got your back? Um, there’s nowhere to go but up — right?

Watch it on: Netflix

4. The Fear of Commitment
“Never Not Love You”

Starring: Nadine Lustre and James Reid
Director: Antoinette Jadaone
Production Company: Viva Films, Project 8 Corner San Joaquin Projects

Like a thief in the night, it bides its time, sowing the seeds of doubt, whispering: Walang Forever! But will stronger hearts prevail? Find out in this story of love tested by the temptations of a strange place far away from home.

Watch it on: Netflix

5. The Fear of Being Trapped

Starring: Anne Curtis and Brandon Vera
Director: Erik Matti
Production Company: Viva Films, Reality Entertainment

No way out, running for your life — try to catch your breath as you follow a police team weave through the seemingly never-ending maze of Manila’s slums to try and escape a botched drug bust. DUWAG WARNING: Rated for Intense Suspense! (But don’t worry, no mumus!)

6. The Fear of The Past
“Exes Baggage”

Starring: Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino
Director: Dan Villegas
Production Company: Black Sheep Productions

There’s a whole new meaning to the past coming to haunt you when you’re reminded of all the bad choices you’ve ever made! Hold on tight. You’re in for a rollercoaster ride of a story when two former lovers happen to bump into each other again. Awkward!

Watch it on: Netflix

7. The Fear of The Friend Zone
“Saving Sally”

Starring: Rhian Ramos and Enzo Marcos
Director: Avid Liongoren
Production Company: Rocketsheep Studios, Mandrake Films, KB Studios

You might as well be in the Twilight Zone when you’re the designated friend. Trust us, there is no terror like that of unrequited love, but let’s soldier on and join Marty as he goes through the heart-wrenching journey of falling in love with no other than his best friend. Dun dun dunnnn.

Watch it on: Netflix

8. The Fear of Not Being Accepted
“Die Beautiful”

Starring: Paolo Ballesteros
Director: Jun Robles Lana
Production Company: Octobertrain Films, The IdeaFirst Company

Is there anything more unnerving than revealing your true self — bare and open for all the world to see? Seek the queen within and follow Trisha, a transgender woman, as she braves the dark and sinister truths that lurk behind a highly prejudiced society.

Watch it on: Netflix

9. The Fear of Family Favoritism
“Four Sisters and a wedding”

Starring: Toni Gonzaga, Bea Alonzo, Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao, and Enchong Dee
Director: Cathy Garcia-Molina
Production Company: ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc.

When a wedding calls for a grand reunion, watch out for the secrets hidden behind their perfect smiles. Because with every perfect family comes a deadly secret — deep-seated insecurities! So go on and brace yourself for the spine-tingling tea to spill. Home sweet home!

Watch it on: Netflix

10. The Fear of Regret
“Starting Over Again”

Starring: Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual
Director: Olivia M. Lamasan
Production Company: ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc.

The attack of the dreaded what if’s makes a deadly return for these lovers, making you come face-to-face with what you fear the most — your wrong decisions! And tougher still, realizing the petrifying truth that you’ve got to swallow your pride. Eep!

Watch it on: Netflix

Now, grab your popcorn, your tissues, and your pillow. No need to cover your eyes, you’re all geared up for an enticing Duwag Halloween! Ten movies to face your deepest fears. Ten movies to prove that you, my fellow duwag, are braver than you think! So the next time someone teases you about being scared, ask them: 

Are you afraid of the dark (realities of life)?