14 Queer Movies and TV Shows You Can Watch Online to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Words by Ansis Sy

Because Love is Love!

Queer movies and shows are usually clouded with doom and gloom, but in reality,LGBTQ+ stories are filled with so much joy and love. So to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve listed down 14 queer TV shows and films that actually have happy (or at least not tragic) endings! 

You may be straight, gay AF, or somewhere in between, but trust us, it’s the same kilig.

Queer TV Shows

Gaya sa Pelikula - Scene PH
“Gaya sa Pelikula”

What it’s about: Following family traditions, Karl moves into his uncle’s condo unit prior to the start of the semester. He faces troubles paying rent when his client from a writing job scammed him. Karl’s neighbor Vlad, who is hiding from his family, proposes to pay the rent in exchange for them sharing spaces and pretending to be boyfriends so he won’t be sent back home.

Why you should watch: Because it has the best first kiss in Philippine TV history. Periodt!

Where you can catch it: Netflix or YouTube

Pearl Next Door - Scene PH
“Pearl Next Door”

What it’s about: Bisexual kween Pearl is stuck in a love triangle in Gameboys’ spin-off series. She has Karleen, a close friend she’s been pining over, and Alex, a former classmate who is head over heels for her. After helping Caireel get together on Gameboys, will Pearl finally find the love she deserves?

Why you should watch: Because bi visibility matters! And we can learn a thing or two on how to make landi from these girls.

Where you can catch it: YouTube

Pose - Scene PH

What it’s about: Set in the 1980s, Pose takes a look at the several lives and segments of the New York ball culture scene. The show also has the largest trans cast in history!

Why you should watch: To ship Angel and Papi!

Where you can catch it: Netflix

Oh Mando - Scene PH
“Oh, Mando”

What it’s about: It’s love at first sight when Mando, a timid student, meets Barry, a college basketball star. The thing is, Barry has a boyfriend. In order to move on, Mando goes out with Krisha while he tries to figure out who he really is.

Why you should watch: Because the cast is so pretty! And the show’s excellent too!

Where you can catch it: iWantTFC

I Told Sunset About You - Scene PH
“I Told Sunset About You”

What it’s about: From childhood best friends, to rivals, to boyfriends, I Told Sunset About You follows the relationship of Teh and Oh-aew in the beautiful island of Phuket as they try to relearn their complicated feelings for one another.

Why you should watch: No shade to 2gether: the Series but ITSAY is probably the best Thai BL to come out of 2020!

Where you can catch it: Wherever you watch Thai BLs!

Feel Good - Scene PH
“Feel Good”

What it’s about: In this British comedy, Mae, a comedian, and George, a repressed woman, try to navigate modern-day love, sexuality, and addiction.

Why you should watch: To finally answer the question: Is it really a good idea to date that comedian your friend has been setting you up with?

Where you can catch it: Netflix

Schitt's Creek - Scene PH
“Schitt’s Creek”

What it’s about: When the Rose family finds themselves broke, they had to leave their pampered lives and restart in their only remaining asset — a rural city they once bought as a joke.

Why you should watch: For David and Patrick’s love story! And wait for that rendition of Simply the Best in season 4. If that doesn’t warm your hearts, I don’t know what will!

Where you can catch it: It’s currently not available on Netflix PH but is available in other countries. Do you have a VPN?

Queer Movies

A Secret Love - Scene PH
“A Secret Love”

What it’s about: A Secret Love is a documentary about two women, Pat and Terry, who kept their lesbian relationship hidden from their families for almost seven decades.

Why you should watch: Because you’ve been saying “Walang Forever” and this film is concrete proof that you’re wrong.

Where you can catch it: Netflix

The Boy Foretold by the Stars - Scene PH
“The Boy Foretold by the Stars”

What it’s about: The first Pinoy BL film is about the budding romance of two senior high school boys who develop a relationship through the help of a fortune teller.

Why you should watch: It’s the absolute cutest! And we finally have an effeminate leading man!

Where you can catch it: iWantTFC

The Half of It - Scene PH
“The Half of It”

What it’s about: Ellie, a shy and introverted student, helps the school jock woo a girl who she also secretly likes.

Why you should watch: On one hand, it’s a teen romcom that’s perfect for Valentine’s viewing, on the other, it breaks and challenges the usual tropes — something queer people know a lot about!

Where you can catch it: Netflix

The Way He Looks - Scene PH
“The Way He Looks”

What it’s about: This Brazillian coming-of-age romantic drama is about a blind teenager, Leo, struggling about his independence due to his overprotective mother and school bullies. Things change and feelings blossom when he meets new student Gabriel and pairs up with him for a project.

Why you should watch: It’s delicate and sweet, perfect for your cold bitter heart!

Where you can catch it: It’s on Netflix! (but was just removed from Netflix PH)

Love Simon - Scene PH
“Love, Simon”

What it’s about: 17-year old Simon is falling in love with an anonymous classmate online. The problem is, he hasn’t come out as gay to his friends or family yet.

Why you should watch: Since the lockdown, you’ve been sliding into a lot of DMs and talking to a lot of strangers online. If Simon can find love online, why can’t you?

Where you can catch it: YouTube or AppleTV

The Prom - Scene PH
“The Prom”

What it’s about: This movie adaptation of the Broadway musical is about struggling theater actors visiting a small town to rally behind Emma, a teen who wants to attend the prom with her girlfriend.

Why you should watch: Because there’s still a pandemic and we can’t go to the theater with our dates yet. This has to be the next best thing.

Where you can catch it: Netflix

Black Mirror San Junipero - Scene PH
“Black Mirror: San Junipero”

What it’s about: Ok, so this is technically not a movie… Yorkie meets Kelly in a resort town called San Junipero. In reality, *spoiler alert* they’re in a virtual reality system the elderly can inhabit even after death.

Why you should watch: We all know Black Mirror episodes tend to have grim endings. We’ve also been living in one long Black Mirror episode since last year. So San Junipero is a real stand out!

Where you can catch it: Netflix