17 Filipino Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now

Words by Ansis Sy

We list down some of the best Philippine-made podcasts for your listening pleasure while on lockdown

Admit it, you or someone you know has started a podcast since the quarantine started. With added free time on our hands, more Filipinos are discovering the magic of podcasting.

We’ve listed down 17 of the best podcasts from the Philippines that you should listen to right now — whether you’re a new podcaster looking for inspiration, or you’re a listener craving for more local content.

Love and Relationships

walang kwentang podcast filipino scene ph sceneph
“Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast”

What it’s about: Filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone (That Thing Called Tadhana, Never Not Love You, Alone/Together), and spoken word artist and writer Juan Miguel Severo (Hintayin ng Langit, Gaya sa Pelikula) — talk about love, pop culture, and trending topics. Their segment Sta. Roselle Nava, Tulungan Mo Kami is our favorite. Listeners send in love and life problems, and the advice given by the hosts is always funny yet insightful! 

Listen to this if: You miss hanging out in cafes to eavesdrop on strangers’ hilarious and relatable conversations about hugot, heartbreak, friendship, and life.

Try this episode: Episode 6: Sta. Roselle Nava, Tulungan Mo Kami Love Letters 01-02: Isang Hinihintay at Naghihintay

walwal sesh filipino podcast sceneph scene ph
“Walwal Sesh”

What it’s about: Ang podcast ng mga sawi! This show is all about love, sex, mental health, and so much more! 

Listen to this if: You wish your parents were as open and honest as Doc Gia Sison, Sir Renz Arago, and Vino Orajay in giving life and relationship advice.

Try this episode: Ep. 61: Decision Making in Stages of Life


tawa let's filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“Tawa Let’s”

What it’s about: In every episode, improv comedian and host Aryn Cristobal talks to various comedy creators and performers about their process, career, and random things they find funny. The show features comedy from all fields — stand-up, sketch, online, musical, improv, and so much more! 

Listen to this if: You’ve always been the class clown and you’re actually thinking of making a career out of your fart jokes.

Try this episode: Starstruck with Macoy Dubs

koolpals filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“The Koolpals”

What it’s about: The topics talked about in this show range from toxic Pinoy behavior, social media, anime, China, and the Anti-terror bill. In short, anything and everything relevant to Pinoys! Hosted by some of our best stand-up comedians — GB Labrador, James Caraan, and Nonong Ballinan — every episode is packed with jokes, while still leaving room to discuss important issues. 

Listen to this if: You don’t mind other people giving you weird looks while you laugh your head off by yourself.

Try this episode: EPISODE 159: Matalik na Kaibigan

Current Events

newsbreak filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“Newsbreak: Beyond the stories”

What it’s about: It’s a confusing world out there! With the proliferation of fake news and with the number of issues the country is facing, Rappler helps us make sense of everything we need to care about.

Listen to this if: You want in-depth discussion of current events to help you debunk the fake news your tito shares on your family Viber groups.

Try this episode: Sino ang Terorista sa Ilalim ng Anti-terror Law?

tokhang filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“Tokhang sa Tokhang”

What it’s about: This six-part audio documentary series by PumaPodcast tackles the still ongoing war on drugs of the Duterte administration. Featuring conversations with drug users and their family, researchers, community workers, artists, and government officials, the show asks the question, “Kumusta ang Tokhang?” “Tokhang sa Tokhang” is also the first podcast from Asia to be included in the US Library of Congress Podcast Preservation Project. It also won at the 2021 Human Rights Press Awards!

Listen to this if: You want to listen to real stories of Filipinos affected by the drug war.

Try this episode: Episode 1: Kumusta na ang Numbers sa War on Drugs?

teka teka filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“Teka Teka”

What it’s about: Another PumaPodcast production, Teka Teka is a podcast that not only breaks the news, but also takes the time to explain them to you. The show is hosted by veteran journalists Roby Alampay and Inday Espina-Varona.

Listen to this if: You feel lost and overwhelmed with the amount of news content online, but you still want to be updated regularly on important issues.

Try this episode: Teka Teka: What do People Think about Their Healthcare System?

Self Help

adult thing filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“It’s an Adult Thing”

What it’s about: Hosts Nica, Carla, and Azl, together with their various guests, discuss important adult topics they don’t teach us at school — mental and physical well-being, personal finance, adult relationships, and so much more!

Listen to this if: You’re a millennial and you’ve abused the phrase “adulting is hard” in your posts and stories.

Try this episode: Mental Well-being During the Pandemic

sleeping pill filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“Sleeping Pill with Inka”

What it’s about: Everyone’s favorite voice artist, Inka Magnaye, reads literary pieces to ease your anxieties and help you fall asleep.

Listen to this if: The pandemic has ruined your sleep pattern, and you need a meditative and ASMR podcast to help you fix it.

Try this episode: Night One


quickie filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“Quickie PH”

What it’s about: This collection of queer erotic short stories will surely make you feel all sorts of things. NSFW warning! (Lucky you if you’re working from home.)

Listen to this if: You’ve been craving for intimacy since the lockdown happened.

Try this episode: S2E3 Ulan

stories filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“Stories Philippines Podcast”

What it’s about: Stories Philippines Podcast is the very first fiction story narration podcast in the Philippines. Featuring creepy and strange stories about Filipino lore, culture, and history, this podcast will surely keep you up all night.

Listen to this if: You were extremely disappointed by the Haunting of Bly Manor so you’re now exploring Filipino horror.

Try this episode: Episode 345: Salamin

History and Society

historinoms filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph

What it’s about: It’s Drunk History, only Filipino! Hosts PX and Bern retell Philippine history one inuman at a time.

Listen to this if: You’re tired of the constant historical revisionism happening in the country, so you wish to refresh your knowledge of Philippine history while also finishing your last bottle of grapefruit-flavored soju.

Try this episode: Lib. 1 Kab. 7: The First Quarter Storm

muni on this filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“Muni On This”

What it’s about: Hosted by Jen Horn and Ayen dela Torre, this podcast examines issues and motivates its listeners to act on making this planet a more liveable one. 

Listen to this if: You need regular reminding that everything is not as hopeless as it may seem.

Try this episode: 8: Growing Food Gardens with JC Tejano and Muneer & Raina Hinay

grid filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“Grid Magazing Podcast”

What it’s about: Yes, one of the best travel magazines in the Philippines has a podcast! Take a peek behind the curtains of some of your favorite adventure stories from Grid Magazine.

Listen to this if: Your bags are packed for your next big adventure. All you’re waiting for is the end of this pandemic.

Try this episode: What Good is a Travel Magazine These Days?

Entertainment and Culture

wag kang lilingon filipino podcasts scene ph sceneph
“Wag Kang Lilingon”

What it’s about: Grace Marcellana and Mimai Cabugnason have a fascination for spooky and weird tales of horror, mystery, true crime, and suspense. Stories of mumu, sapi, crimes of passion, and Filipino superstition are just some of the topics they’ve covered in Wag Kang Lilingon.

Listen to this if: You need creepy tales about the supernatural to distract you from the real-life horror story we’re currently living in.

Try this episode: Episode 60: Into The Unknown

third world cinema club filipino podcasts scene ph sceneph
“Thid World Cinema Club”

What it’s about: Want a deep dive into Philippine cinema? Then TWCC is the podcast for you! With guests such as Ricky Lee, Jerrold Tarog, and Lav Diaz, you’ll surely end up having a better appreciation of Filipino movies.

Listen to this if: You’ve always wanted to take up film, but your parents insisted you finish BS Management instead.

Try this episode: Episode 84 — Lav Diaz (with Hazel Orencio)

state of the arts filipino podcasts sceneph scene ph
“State of the Arts”

What it’s about: As the name suggests, this show is all about Filipino arts, theater, and creatives. In each episode, host Christopher M invites industry leaders, artists, and audience members to talk about their stories and their vision for the local art scene.

Listen to this if: You’ve been obsessively watching your favorite theater artists’ Kumu streams, but you also want to know more about their personal journeys, work process, and hopes for the future.

Try this episode: Jukebox Musicals