Brothers’ beats


Hitting play on one of Jackson. 5’s most memorable albums brings us back to the 70s, a time where the music was funky, and life was a dance stage.

ABC, the 1970’s album of brothers Michael, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie, is every family’s favorite music to play especially during special reunions or gatherings. This band of brothers made music for the love of music, and in doing so reminded us of the fun, and the simple joys of singing and dancing with the people you love.

The whimsical, bubblegum pop classics, and the iconic pitch of a young Michael Jackson in single “ABC’, “Love You Save”, and “La La (Means I Love You)” are among the 12 nostalgic tracks in the album. Another feature of the album is the bass that always resonates into the groove in most of the Jacksons’ music. The feel and the jive it gives is what our relatives grew up with and wish to share with future generations.

So when the bass is low, the falsetto is ringing, the beat is inviting, and everyone is on the dance floor, then we’ll know what record is playing on the radio: The Jackson 5—physical proof that harmony sounds better with your family.