Game Review – Legend of Krannia: Cursed Fate

Words by Jem Sagcal

The Scene PH team gets their hands on a Pinoy-developed 2D RPG for PC

The world is overrun by monsters, aggressive animals, and people with evil intentions. You are the powerful hero tasked to defend the kingdom from those that seek its ruin — until you suddenly find yourself back in time at level one.

“Legend of Krannia: Cursed Fate” is the story of a renowned hero and mercenary, Vahn, who was sent back in time to when he was unknown and powerless. You have to find out why and how this could have possibly happened and how you can seek revenge to those that wished our hero ill. However, you must first gain back your lost strength and discover the vast world in this 2D top-down medieval RPG made by Filipino developers, AEthernum.

As its initial description says, Krannia is a complex RPG. This unique game makes use of varying elements, including deck-building for the character’s skill slots. Newcomers into the genre and those unfamiliar with deck building may not be able to understand the system early on and will have to navigate the right builds in the beginning to create a sturdy character. While a thorough tutorial and guide will be great at early runs, it can be fun and interesting to trial-and-error the many options.

Nikki’s playthrough at the ScenePH Twitch

Legend of Krannia is an RPG, and with RPGs come the hours of level grinding to be the most prepared when storming a dungeon. The outskirts of Vahn’s humble town is filled with monsters you can bonk the experience out of. 

The monster design of the game is one of Krannia’s best qualities. With adorable-looking goblins and giant turtle monsters scouring the land, it makes you think twice before swinging your sword around in inhumane fashion — but we need those levels. Not only monsters, but also the design of the world and its townies, itself, are a charming sight. The radiant, bright-colored world complements the interesting characters spread throughout town. Dungeon-crawling becomes less terrifying and stressful as the game’s graphics create a feeling of calm in its cartoon personality. 

Nikki’s playthrough at the ScenePH Twitch

The game is currently on Early Access on Steam as its developers are constantly improving and making subtle changes for better gameplay. In early access, it is only fair for the game to have certain bugs and glitches that may hinder a player’s progress. Currently, keyboard shortcuts for Items, Skills, etc, do not work as seamlessly, but are easily manageable with a click of the mouse instead. 

Early Access, however, means that you get to be part of the game’s growth, see its improvements, and be part of the ever-growing story. AEthernum has hinted for more volumes to come out within the year, and we can only expect more content before we even get to finish its current contents.

Scene PH was sent two codes for review and streaming by “Legend of Krannia: Cursed Fate” developers, AEthernum. You can find out more about the developers and the game on their Facebook, Website, or Steam Page

The game is available on Steam for Windows at PHP 289.95