Local Gaming Streamers to Watch

Words by Jem Sagcal

Five local live streamers in the Philippines that are building communities through a medium that’s storming the gaming industry

Streaming video games has always been around, especially with flexible platforms for live broadcasting on Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook. It is an emerging form of entertainment that’s enjoyable for both gamers and viewers, and an opportunity to build communities with individuals that share the same interests.

Watching streamers play their games can be both relaxing and thrilling, depending on the genre they choose to share with others. Their reactions and interesting discussions on the topics can be entertaining and educational, building a shared experience between  player and viewer.

Filipino gaming, however, is a genre of its own. The community values the professional level of gameplay that highlights competition and relatable commentary. Adding to that, there is an abundance of varying personalities among our local streamers,embodying what gaming in the Philippines is all about. 

While there are popular, established streamers such as Alodia Gosiengfiao, here are a few up-and-coming streamers that are just finding their voices.

filipino streamer eru
filipino streamer eru desk

Identifiable by the adorable bunny icon, Fluffy Channel is a couple of variety streamers run by Eru-Chi as “Fluffy Kitty” and her partner, “Fluffy Bunny.”

Choosing to hide their real names to maintain their privacies, Fluffy Channel started streaming video games as an opener to a channel that plans to create more content for the entertainment of their growing audience.

The games range from Triple As like The Last of Us 2 to horror titles like The Evil Within. As competitive gamers as well, the channel occasionally streams League of Legends, Fall Guys, and Dead by Daylight.

filipino gaming roch profile
filipino gaming roch profile
filipino streamer roch

Rochan “ROCH” Miel  is a unique Facebook streamer that began with an agenda.

He started streaming in 2017 as a way to not only enjoy gaming with others, but to also find a way to raise money for the kids admitted in the Philippine Children Medical Center in Quezon City. 

“All proceeds go to them,” he explained. “When my family started giving to the kids, [I said to myself] why not use the money I’ll be getting from the stream to give to the kids?”

Roch is currently streaming Horizon Zero Dawn until he completes the game.

filipino streamer erika
filipino streamer erika

Erika, or Mage Hand Gaming, is a professional D&D Dungeon Master and variety streamer on Facebook. Her experience as a writer brings a different approach to how she commentates on the video games she plays.

Mage Hand Gaming started this year when the quarantine began to settle in as the new normal for many Filipinos. She saw the streaming experience as a way to create communities of comfort during a time of worry and uncertainty.

“I’m just like [the audience]. I have a full-time job, I’m stuck at home for months on end, I don’t know when this is going to end — it’s depressing!” Erika exclaimed. “But, I can try to make this experience better for them and myself through streaming.”

Mage Hand Gaming is currently streaming Fire Emblem: Three Houses and D&D playthroughs. In August, she conducted an entire D&D game in Tagalog to celebrate Buwan ng Wika.

streamer silver profile
streamer silver
filipino streamer silver profile
filipino streamer silver

Silver is a Twitch newcomer that began his streaming journey as a way for him to earn while doing something he genuinely loved. He began last May when he found the time due to the quarantine period.

For Silver, streaming is about showcasing one’s skill in combative and strategic gameplay. He sees it as a way to find recognition as a gamer, while sharing those passions with others who feel the same way, whether they’re local or foreign audiences. 

A variety streamer himself, however he hopes to include 3D art streams to increase the kind of content he produces, while developing his skills.

streamer jac profile
filipino streamer jac
streamer jac profile
filipino streamer jac

Jill Gepilano, or JacTheRipper07, is a vintage horror game streamer on Twitch. She began streaming to bond with her family. Growing up, she would watch her father play video games with her siblings. She eventually started becoming the gamer that her family would watch instead.

As Jill is presently away from home due to work, she uses streaming to maintain the bond and closeness with her family. Streaming also became a medium for her to gain confidence through the community she would build.

“I absolutely love the community I build around streaming,” Jill said. “I’ve made countless new friends that I constantly bond through streaming and gaming. If I never started this, I wouldn’t have met them, and now, I can’t imagine my life without them.”

Jill is currently streaming the Silent Hill series. 

The Filipino Gaming Community

The quarantine period brought many streamers to the gaming platform, as well as a number of people who have discovered this new form of entertainment. Jill (JacThe Ripper07) understands that Filipinos love being part of the community, and gaming is one way to meet new people of the same interest.

“Streaming isn’t all games,” Jill said. “It’s about building relationships too. Streaming is very personal since you’re live, in real time, and can interact with the person on the other side of the screen. That’s why it’s such a powerful platform if used correctly.”

Roch sees it as an opportunity to find conversation, to share strategies, gameplay, and for others to see different playstyles. “I think they want to watch someone who is really good [at a certain game]. I think they want someone to talk to. I think they want to enjoy the experience.”

The Filipino gaming community is vast, and it’s growing every day. In a time of quarantine—when most are separated from their loved ones, and when it’s difficult to meet new people and make friends—streams are a medium that can provide the connection we’ve been craving for.