Press Release: Ateneo Fine Arts Seniors Welcome You to IntelStar

Photos provided by Ateneo de Manila Fine Arts Department

An acting thesis fully produced for the online stage, Welcome To IntelStar is a fresh adaptation of renowned director and playwright Chris Martinez’ award-winning play.

Taking on an acting degree under the Ateneo de Manila Fine Arts Department during a pandemic is no easy feat. Seniors Mar Argente, Sam Arnaldo, Iago Guballa, and Enzo Villacorta challenge the boundaries of online theatre in their thesis production Welcome To IntelStar. The four seniors have been in their fair share of university productions, all members of one or more of the Loyola Schools’ theatre organizations. From straight plays to musicals, their versatility and energy as actors are sure to make for one memorable performance. 

Welcome To IntelStar is a one-act, witty, and satirical monodrama that tackles the Philippine call center industry. Originally written in 2005, the Carlos Palanca Award-winning play’s themes of globalization and identity are put into our current pandemic context further highlighting the still existing challenges faced by the BPO industry. The play centers on a call center agent welcoming new hires into IntelStar, a leading U.S. directory-assistance call center in the country. The audience is put into the position of these new hires, and are given a sneak peek into life at IntelStar.

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Mentored by their Thesis Adviser Missy Maramara (Pilot Episode, Stage Kiss, The Kundiman Party) a director and actress that has worked in both theatre and television, and directed by Laura Cabochan, a social practice artist-educator currently completing her doctorate in New York University’s Educational Theater Program一 the show offers a fresh perspective and approach to the original monodrama.

Welcome To IntelStar will run from May 25-28, 2021 through our ticketing and streaming partner For more details and ticket inquiries, you may contact us through our official Facebook page (/WelcomeToIntelStar21) or Harley Nufable at +63 998 860 0813.

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