Press Release: Pau Lina Debuts with Haunting Single, Spiral

Press Release: Pau Lina Debuts with Haunting Single, Spiral

With a future uncertain, Pau Lina’s “Spiral” is an ode to the lost, detached, and afraid.

Pau Lina debuts with her haunting single “Spiral.” Through her velvety rich alto vocals and the song’s cinematic appeal, she takes listeners on a journey to finding peace of mind amidst a cycle of worries and fears. Pau Lina successfully forges a sublime listening experience by merging modern beats, ambient sounds, and orchestral elements, in collaboration with US-based producer Josh Frigo.

Debut artist, Pau Lina

Spiral was born out of the pandemic-induced lockdowns. With the future so uncertain, the track was written by Pau Lina as an ode to those feeling stagnant due to their fears and search for solace. Spiral is accompanied by an equally mystical illustrated music video. As time ticks throughout the video, memories and thoughts spiral in and out of frames, taking viewers on a ride along the protagonist’s journey to self-actualization. 

“A constant fear of the unknown… the past, present, and future, and fixating on mistakes can be daunting. I’ve found myself letting fear keep me from moving forward time and time again,” says Pau Lina, “I hope my music can become a companion to those who share these sentiments and much more. Spiral ends with an uplifting note and is a small reminder to revel in the present.” 

Spiral was inspired by the likes of Agnes Obel, Florence and the Machine, London Grammar, and LÉON. Vocally, Pau Lina draws inspiration from early jazz singers Nina Simone, Julie London, and Peggy Lee. 

Stream Spiral on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, and catch the music video on YouTube.

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About Pau Lina

Pau Lina’s soulful sound gravitates to lush orchestral layers contrasted by ambient soundscapes. Blending modern beats with the depth and timelessness of strings with rich harmonies, her music
evokes a great sense of space and a flair for drama that is almost cathedral-esque. Pau Lina’s deep and smoky vocals pay homage to the introspective voices of early jazz singers such as Nina Simone, Julie London, and Peggy Lee. The result is sonically surrealistic and one that transverses
different times and genres.

Pau Lina’s enthusiasm for music is heavily shaped by the places she spent different chapters of her life in. Her musical journey began in a provincial region in the Philippines, where the singer-songwriter spent her early years. Her time in the bustling city of Manila and the colourful metropolis Melbourne, all reflect the eclecticism of her music. It was in Melbourne where Pau Lina’s love for music blossomed. Inspired by how strongly music intertwined with the city’s socio-cultural fabric, Melbourne’s vibrant music landscape further propelled Pau Lina’s interest and passion in the artform.