Press Release: Rainbow Seekers Tarot

Press Release: Rainbow Seekers Tarot

The First LGBTQIA+ Themed Tarot Deck from the Philippines  

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The first LGBTQIA+ themed tarot deck from the Philippines launched on June 1, at the  start of Pride Month. The “Rainbow Seekers Tarot” is a 78-card tarot deck that empowers people to find their own rainbow. This was created by Henson Wongaiham, a certified  tarot master and advertising professional from Manila.  

The Rainbow Seekers Tarot can be used for divination, meditation, self-reflection, or  even for fun. There are no set rules to using this deck.  

What started as a simple rainbow-themed deck evolved into what Henson found out to  probably be the first LGBTQIA+ themed tarot deck from the Philippines. 

“I must admit, creating an LGBTQIA+ themed tarot deck was never part of my life plan,”  he says, “It was an unexpected, yet seemingly divine development, which I boldly  decided to pursue.” 

Henson feels that this development gave the deck even more depth and relevance,  especially for those finding their own rainbow, the way he’s been constantly seeking his. 

Even if each card interpreted the rainbow, in a way, the deck isn’t all sunshine and  happiness. Some cards feel light, but some border on heavy, and at times, naughty.  

“This isn’t just a record of my life,” he says, “This is a testament to the LGBTQIA+  people — our triumphs, adversities, and our quest to love and be loved.”

The Rainbow Seekers Tarot comes with a bonus “When Oracle: Rainbow Edition,” which  was done in collaboration with Ledz Lim

In the spirit of Pride, launching the Rainbow Seekers Tarot became a community effort. People in and out of the tarot community came together to help promote the deck. Thanks to allies, the Rainbow Seekers Tarot also has special sets with crystals, a spell  jar, a candle, and a bracelet — all rainbow-themed! These magical rainbow items are from Chakras.ph, Eclectic Femina PH, Marikit MNL Candle Co., and House of Mystics.

All proceeds will help fund organizations and their efforts for the LGBTQIA+ community. For more details, visit King of Rainbows on Instagram.