Stage Presence at Home

Stage Presence at Home

Words by SCENE PH

Missing the theater? Check out some of the virtual ways we can safely reconnect with the local performing arts scene.

If there’s anything we’ve learned during this pandemic, it’s that art is resilient — it will always find a way — even theater. From workshops to full-length performances, all the world’s now a digital stage. And as they say, the show must go on, so while we can’t quite sit together inside a packed hall just yet, our local artists are tapping into online alternatives to keep the love for the performing arts alive.

So hurry and grab your seats (on the couch), as we’d love nothing more than to usher you to your front row view (on Zoom!), so you can discover some of the exciting classes and performances you can access from home this summer:



Ansis’ PICK
“TWI Goes Online Improv Workshop Level 1: The Joy of Improv”

• Eight Wednesdays starting April 21, 2021 (8-10 pm)
• Eight Saturdays starting April 24, 2021 (3-5 pm)
• Wednesdays with Aih Mendoza
• Saturdays with Dingdong Rosales
PhP 7,000 for eight classes
Register here for the Wednesday or Saturday improv classes!

If you’ve been a fan of SPIT and/or “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and have always wondered if you can do what they do (spoiler alert: you absolutely can!) then this Improv for Beginners Workshop is for you!

There’s no prior performance experience required. Just come as you are! In fact, the improv principles you’ll learn can be applied to everyday life. As a TWI alumni, I can say that taking improv classes has enriched how I live my life.

I know finding new friends while on lockdown is hard. But through these improv classes, you’ll be able to meet new people and be part of a supportive and fantastic community!

MORE FROM TWI: “This course serves as an introduction to improvisational theater and its enriching techniques for finding joy in everyday life through specialized online, real-time video interactions. Through eight synchronous sessions, students are introduced to the fundamental principles of improv and its practical applications with short form games that inculcate the philosophies and methods unique to Third World Improv.”

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“Summer Theater Workshops 2021 ONLINE”

• Theater for Kids (4 to 8 years old) – April 30 to May 15, 2021 (Fridays and Saturdays, 3pm to 430pm)
• Children’s Musical Theater (9 to 10 years old) – May 14 to 29, 2021 (Fridays and Saturdays, 330pm to 5pm)
• Theatre for Teens (11 to 18+ years old) – May 7 to 22, 2021 (Fridays and Saturdays, 4pm to 530pm)

TEACHER:  Reb Atadero
LEARNING FEE: PhP 3,500 for a workshop
WHERE TO SIGN UP: Little Boy Productions Summer Theater Workshops 2021 Registration Form

If you have kids and teenagers ages 4 and up who are interested in theater, love listening to musicals, and have always wanted to try acting in a play then this online workshop is for you! With some of the best of the best of Philippine musical theater as their teachers, rest assured your kids will have a productive and fun summer. Start ‘em young, even during a pandemic! 

MORE FROM LITTLE BOY PRODUCTIONS SUMMER THEATER WORKSHOPS: “Previous teachers include Michael Williams, Bart Guingona, Jill Pena, Juanita Romualdez, Nicco Manalo, and Claire Codilla, all of whom have extensive teaching and performing credentials locally and internationally with Resorts World Manila, Clowning Around, London’s West End, Repertory Philippines, Trumpets, and Atlantis Theatrical.”

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Groove Central Dance Studio
“Summer Dance Workshops 2021: BEGINNERS CONTEMPORARY”

• Classes start April 26, 2021
• Online recital June 30, 2021

TEACHER: Misha Bernas
LEARNING FEE: PhP 4,000 inclusive of the recital
WHERE TO SIGN UP: Groove Central Dance Studio Registration Form

Dance classes from the comfort of your home! Minimal to no dance background needed. Classes for all ages and experience levels. If you’ve always wanted to try dancing but never found an opportunity to do so, then this might be the sign.

I’m highlighting Misha Bernas because I’ve had the pleasure of being part of some of her classes. She has the kind of energy that will make you feel like everything is doable. After having taken some of Misha’s classes, I was reminded again of why I loved to dance in the first place.

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Kitkat’s PICK
Theater Space
“Romeo & Juliet: Live Rehearsals of Selected Scenes ”

DATES: Starts April 28, 2021 (Wednesday, 7:45pm)
TICKETS: Register to watch online for FREE  
WHERE TO WATCH: Reserve your slot here

There’s something quite reassuring about going back to the classics, and there’s nothing more classic than Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” It remains one of the most iconic stories ever told, with it’s message of sacrifice and love beyond all odds still finding meaning to this day.

Bringing life to this timeless text, Theater Space: Theater in Cyberspace — under the guidance of Ana Valdes Lim — will begin a series of live rehearsals of selected scenes, featuring Joaquin Pedro Valdes, Uriel Villar, Pamela Evangelista, Edward Allen Solon, Txavi Evangelista, and Miel Abong starting April 28, 2021.

The show comes as a welcome break during these challenging times, and it’s comforting to know that theater continues to find ways to keep sharing stories. Perhaps it’s the Literature Major in me, but after more than a year indoors, like Romeo and Juliet, it’s refreshing to break the confines of our quarantine, albeit digitally.

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Theatre 2108
“2108 Offstage: From Distant Rooms”

DATES: Online forever
WHERE TO WATCH: Theatre 2108

“2108 Offstage: From Distant Rooms” is the company’s portfolio of creative works created while in quarantine, made up of a series of videos, using different performance mediums, such as music, animation, and even shadow puppetry. It began as a conversation within the company about how each member was dealing with being in quarantine. With everyone facing different uncertainties, it amplified the importance of self-care at a time when people are forced into isolation.

Just like many of Theatre 2108’s productions, 2108 Offstage: From Distant Rooms tackles different perspectives on a handful of issues, and gives their audience a lot of room for thought and discourse. On a more personal note, as Theatre 2108’s Company Manager, it’s refreshing to still be able to work on the performing arts, even if it meant executing performances in a new and unfamiliar medium.

The Drifter (Written by Macy Sandel; Shot and Edited by Bea Ramos; Music by Snow Toledo)
Coming Back To Me (Written by Nuel Rivera; Produced by Gelo Cruz; Performed by Chir Cataran, Kiri San Jose, Patricia Liongson, Nuel Rivera, and Snow Toledo; Video by Patricia Liongson)
Day Three (Written and Performed by Vanya Castor; Video by Drea Estrellado)
Walking (Written by Vanya Castor; Narrated by Chir Cataran, and Directed by Bea Ramos)
Ang Kwento sa Dakong Kanluran (By Snow Toledo and Patricia Liongson)
Of June (Written by Macy Sandel; Video by Drea Estrellado; Score by Nuel Rivera)

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“Improv Tuesdays with SPIT”

DATES: Every Tuesday at 9:30pm 
TICKETS: Free to watch! But also feel free to send your lechons!
WHERE TO WATCH: SPIT streams on the F.Y.E! Channel on Kumu

Good news for SPIT regulars who watched their show every Thursday pre-pandemic! The Philippine’s premiere improv group has moved online. In these trying times, finding joy is not easy. But give yourself permission to laugh and have fun for a couple of hours every Tuesday!

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Nikki’s PICK
Ballet Philippines
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream ”

DATES: Online forever
TICKETS: FREE to watch online!
WHERE TO WATCH: Ballet Philippines: On Our Stage 

If there’s one type of theater that will always take me to magical places, it’s the ballet. Before the pandemic, my friends and I would watch at least one show every year. I’m grateful that Ballet Philippines was able to bring its stage to the digital screen, so that we can continue to enjoy the shows we love and support the dancers that give us these productions.

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