The Week of Dance and Film

Words by Jem Sagcal

Fifth Wall Fest celebrated dance through their online international film festival

 FIFTH WALL FEST (FWF) ends their week-long virtual event with dance and film enthusiasts worldwide treated to various activities from left to right.

The first international dance film festival in the Philippines saw a fulfilling conclusion to what was months-long of preparation and documentation. Not only were more than 50 short and full-length films made available for public viewing, but also free workshops, seminars, and talks from those involved in the production of some of these films.

Despite the challenges and the restrictions made by the pandemic, as well as the adjustments implemented for a fully online experience for a film festival and its workshops, FWF was innovative in showing the possibilities of virtual film festivals and the future of more online events as a whole. 

“I genuinely felt satisfied as the festival was coming to a close,” said Project Manager, Maiqui Tolentino. “Five months of working and collaborating with the FWF team completely online was new to all of us, and seeing the results of our hard work gave me a sense of fulfillment.”

FWF wanted to emphasize the importance of the art of dance and its position in the film industry. It was the event’s goal to showcase the talents of Filipino dancers and filmmakers, as well as gain a new varied audience to appreciate dance and its many forms through worldwide content.

“I am grateful to have witnessed the pioneering of a platform to advocate for the art of dance film globally. I am excited for the future of the event and the many ways we can continue to elevate dance in the Philippines,” chimed in dancerBea Agbayani.

FWF was entirely conducted online primarily through their website and through their social media platforms. As the first event of its kind, headed by a new innovative team, the future of FWF is open with possibilities and opportunities.

FWF Fifth Wall Fest Website